About Barr Cosmetics



Barr is a minimalist lifestyle project from South Korea – living simply, owning less stuff, and making your life less stressful. 

By decluttering your life, you will be able to focus yourself and know what to put first things first. Living sustainably is not easy and comfortable,but even small steps for being sustainable will reflect back on us in a good way.

Incorporating only necessary ingredients, Not with controversial ingredients, Simple skincare routine,

With straightforward description without any honeyed words, We make practical and smart skincare culture.




Founder’s Story



For the last 4 years, Celeste the founder of Barr Cosmetics have traveled all around the world to work with people who are in beauty industry. She had a lot of chances to have beauty classes for people in Prague, Munich, Vienne, Berlin, Warsaw and so on. 

There were so many people who want to use “REAL ONE” not just with conventional marketing claims like natural, healthy, miracle... but smart consumers want something that tells you WHAT’S INSIDE and HOW MUCH INSIDE the product. That motivated me to work on this project.